Mini-Golf Smackdown Rules

Mini Golf Smackdown Rules

Competition Classes and Scoring
There are two events in the tournament; a two-person team event dubbed “Talented Twosomes” and a four-person team event dubbed “Fearless Foursomes.” The two are separate tournaments. No one golfer can simultaneously golf in both events but would be able to participate in each event by submitting a score for each event (you can not golf once and use that score in both events).

As per standard golf rules, the lower the score, the better.

Players will organize teams to compete. A team’s score is the total of all players in the team. All players must complete the course or the entire team will forfeit. Any team golfing as a threesome will have the highest shot ball duplicated for each hole to complete the fourth, absent golfer.

There are no ties allowed in the Smackdown for first, second, or third place. Should any teams be in contention for one of these slots, those players must elect one player from their team to face off in a Final Smackdown. The players will play a single hole again by random draw. That hole will be played until a winner emerges.

General Rules, Penalties, and Conduct

Any part of the putter may strike a ball. Players must line up and take their first shot from behind the designated area at each hole. Players may putt from any point they choose in that area.

Any ball put in the hole must stay in the hole to be considered holed out. If a ball bounces out of the hole, it is not considered holed out and play must continue.

If a ball is struck twice while it is in motion, a one-stroke penalty will be incurred and the ball must be placed at the last spot from where the ball was putt.

A player is entitled to move their ball the distance of the shortest side of the scorecard from any brick or obstruction.

A player is not allowed to move their ball from any of the hills, angles, or slopes that are covered by carpet. This goes even if no one is looking.

If a player’s ball rolls all the way back to the starting point but does not leave the playing area, play will resume from that point; If a ball rolls off the playing area, they may take their next stroke from the starting point.

Should any question arise during play, play should be stopped immediately and the question shall be put before players at the current hole. If the players are unsure of the proper response to a question please flag down a coordinating event official.

All players are required to play their own rounds throughout the tournament. There shall be no player substitutions or switching involved once the tournament has begun. Any player involved in substitutions or switching shall automatically be disqualified from the tournament.

All Players are to abide by Holes and Knolls Course Rules, except where tournament rules supersede those of Holes and Knolls.

Holes and Knolles Course Rules

Play at your own risk.
No more than 5 people per hole.
Eight stroke limit per hole.
Everyone in a group must play their first shot before anyone plays their second shot.
Replace out of bound ball where it went out. Take one-stroke penalty.
Ball resting against an obstruction may moved six inches*
(may be moved the short side of the scorecard per tournament rules)
Ball hit by another ball is replaced where it was hit – no penalty.
Golf ball floats in water hazard, use ball scooper or ask for assistance, take one stroke penalty.


All balls and clubs are to be provided by Holes & Knolls. Players shall not be permitted to switch clubs or balls at any time during the tournament unless the equipment is deemed defective by a coordinating event official.